Prescriptions and Referrals

Prescriptions & Referrals

We always recommend a personal visit because we believe it is in your best interest. However, we understand life is busy and you may not always be able to take time out of you work week to come in to get an updated script or referral.

If your regular doctor has agreed to a script or referral being completed out side of consult (such as maintenance treatment of a long-standing condition), and you have been seen within 3 months by your regularly GP, then please contact reception with at least 7 days notice.

Fee for script or referral out of consult: $20.00 (this is to cover administration and time spent by a GP reviewing your file)

If your request is for a new script or new referral not previously written you must make an appointment with a GP. Scripts that always require an appointment: Antibiotic, Pain, Weight Loss, Smoking cessation. Referrals that always require an appointment: Mental Health Care Plan, Pathology, Radiology, EPC. These will not be written unless you are consulted by a GP each time and only when they are deemed an appropriate part of your care.

GP written referrals are generally valid for 12 months. We cannot and will not backdate referrals.

Medical Certificates

We are only able to offer a Medical Certificate for patients who have been seen by our Practice, if you have had surgery via a specialist, please contact their rooms directly, if they are unable to provide this document, please book in with one of our GPs.

We can not write a Medical Certificate if we have not consulted you. Your employer is not privy to your health issues, therefore our medical certificates will use “medical condition” as reason for sick leave unless otherwise discussed. The only exception to this is for Workcover claims where we must detail your injury.

It is illegal for a GP to back date a certificate.