East Ryde Family Medical Practice is a private practice and price our consults in line with the AMA guidelines. Fees and charges vary depending on the level of the consult,

Our schedule fees as at July 2022:

Surgery Consultations Out of pocket*
Level B <20 mins $55.00
(Initial fee $96.40 – rebate $41.40)
Level C <40 mins $75.00
(Initial fee $155.10 – rebate $80.10)
Level D >40 mins $95.00
(Initial fee $213 – rebate $118
Level E >60mins $115.00
(Initial fee $306.20 – rebate $191.20)
Scripts & Referrals $20.00 (out of consult)
(for info click here)
TelehealthFrom $55.00
(Initial fee ranges depending on time)
Skin Check$100.00
(initial fee ranges depending on time)
Excision / Biopsy$50.00
(inital fee ranges depending on result of procedure

* The surgery will bill an initial fee, but with the use of our EFTPOS TYRO machine we will be able to refund you the Medicare rebate with in 11 secs (this is only possible on the day of your consult).

There may also be further or varied charges for other items such as:

  • Procedures
  • Mental Health Care Plans
  • Insurance Medicals
  • Travel Vaccinations

If you are unsure about any potential charges, please speak to the receptionist when making an appointment or the doctor during your consultation.

If there is financial difficulty, please remember to discuss this with the doctor during your appointment.

Please settle all accounts on the day of your visit, if you require an account please pay with in 14 days to avoid a late fee.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Eftpos.
(We do not accept cheques, for security reasons we prefer not to accept cash).