Travel Medicine

Last year more than 9 million international journeys were taken from Australia. Travellers can be exposed to a range of health risks (different bacteria, viruses or parasites) and changes in temperature, altitude & humidity that could lead to ill health.

Many of these risks can be reduced through precautions taken before, during and after travel. It is important to see a doctor at least 4 weeks before departure, if possible, to ensure there is enough time to provide the appropriate vaccines for your trip.

We are accredited by NSW Health to provide Yellow Fever vaccinations, and we stock most travel-related vaccines on site.

If you require travel medical advice or vaccinations, please contact us and let the receptionists know that your appointment is for travel and advise:

  • Where you are going?
  • When you are leaving?
  • How long you will be travelling?
  • Will you be staying in hotels or visiting remote areas?

Additional Costs for certain vaccines may apply.

We recommend the following sites for general travel advice:

Smart Traveller

World Health Organisation

Centres for Disease Control & Prevention