Minor Procedures

We have a dedicated well equipped treatment room where many of our minor procedures are performed.

Services include:
• Iv Fluids
• Iron Infusion
• Wound care and dressings
• Repair of lacerations
• Removal of stitches
• Treatment of skin ulcers
• Biopsies, scrapings and/or Excisions of small skin cancers, skin tags, suspicious moles
• Draining of abscesses, cysts, boils
• Cyro therapy with liquid nitrogen for removal of warts, age spot and sunspots
• Implanon (contraceptive implant) insertion and removal

Our procedures such as excisions do require a longer appointment and therefore are booked at specific times of the day, so please advise reception to ensure adequate placement and time is allowed with your doctor.

We recommend booking a review appointment first so a plan of action may be made, in some cases you will need to be referred onto a dermatologist.